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RCC Services is a UK based company that is focused on delivering solutions for its clients. Our specialised areas are integration of applications and infrastructure as well as project management, ensuring delivery of distributed teams all reach the clients agreed goals.


Creating remote access solutions for vendors, real-time data delivery, software management are recent projects. Our clients range from local service providers to global Oil and Gas operators, working with them on global scale projects.


We can work with clients from defining a problem into a work-scope, proof of concept through to delivery of the completed project as well as being flexible enough to deliver our own work-scope as part of larger deliveries.



Wether your looking for a small integrated system or a complex network of infrastructure, applciations and data, 
we can help.
The value of a system is its ability to be useful and share the data it collects / generates or stores. be it a workflows or system we work with a wide range of applciations and can help you make the most of your data to benefit your business.
We have a track record of delivering for our clients, locally, regionally and on a global scale.
Project managed scopes with that personal touch at every level.


184 North Deeside Road,



AB13 0HL

07711 842000


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